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My Top 5 iPhone 3.0 OS Features

iPhone 3.0 OS, the next generation operating system for the iPhone released to public on June 17th with lots of new features make iPhone lovers smile. My favorites are listed below:

  1. Cut, Copy and Paste
    Quickly and easily cut, copy, and paste text from application to application. Select entire blocks of web text with a tap. Copy and paste images from the web, too.
    Double-tap over text, you will get a "Cut, Copy, and Paste" bubble dialog. Use blue markers to select desired text or hold a word until the magnifying glass appears, “Select” and “Select All” options are shown. Again use small, nice blue markers. Liked it. :)

    iphone30_copy_paste01 iphone30_copy_paste02

  2. Spotlight Search
    Find what you’re looking for across your iPhone, all from one place. Spotlight searches all of your contacts, email, calendars, and notes, as well as everything in your iPod.
    Click “Home” button to start searching. It can be configured from Settings>General>Home for switching double-clicking mode with other options such as “Phone Favorites”, “iPod” etc. 


  3. MMS
    Send MMS messages and include photos, audio, and contact info. Even tap to snap a picture right inside Messages.
    Use little camera icon in the left side of the message box to attach photos to your SMS.


  4. SMS Forwarding
    Manually select individual messages from a text message conversation, and forward them directly to another person via text message.
    Tap “Edit” in your message details, and check your desired messages to forward and click “Forward”.


  5. Internet Tethering
    Share your Internet connection with your laptop with Internet tethering via Bluetooth or USB.
    Enable it from General>Network>Internet Tethering. 


There are many many great features coming with iPhone OS 3.0. Check out following links for more information:


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