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Great Firefox Extension: Read It Later

Sometimes, I cannot find time to read my daily selected articles. I bookmark them, later I forget to read. E-mailing those articles can be a solution, however it is not effective and takes time to manage.

“Read It Later” is a Firefox extension that creates a manageable list of links to be read later. New features of it for Firefox 3 users are:

  • One click saving, sorting, tagging
  • Sync your list with any number of computers
  • Offline reading
  • Access anywhere
  • RSS feeds
  • Click to save mode
  • Save all tabs for later

Let’s see it in action:

  1. You like a page and want to save it for later reading. Just click the little “tick” at the end of the address bar. It is added your list and the little “tick” turns red. You can add links to your list by right clicking on the link and selecting “Read This Link Later”.

  2. You want to read them now. Click the little “book” icon in the navigation toolbar and select the desired link from the list.

  3. You are complete with the link and want to delete it from the list. Just click the “tick” icon in the address bar one more time, select the “Just Mark As Read” button to delete it. You can add your link to losts of social sites here before deletion if you want.

Tip: You can add links to your list quickly with the “Click to Save Mode” option. You click the links and they are added to your list automatically rather than followed through. It is activated by pressing “Alt + m” or clicking the little red “tick” icon in the bottom right corner. Try it.

Detailed explaination about “Read It Later” is here.
Firefox add-on page for “Read It Later” is here.

I think, it is great. Happy reading. :D


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  1. Cahit says

    Very helpful. I have the same problem frequently.
    Thanks for the information.

  2. cardin says

    what if i’m an idiot and cant answer to the question 4 2 :) then ok,writing comment could be harder than calculating a simple addition
    but i prefer,is fire hot or cold question by the way :)
    anyway,i was saving pages to my desktop(it looks like a wastebasket actually)before i read your log,it’s wonderful man.Such tips about internet help me a lot.

  3. tugrul says

    cool add-on

    wanna try some time

    currently using is my link page

    thanks dude

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