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My Top 10 Source Code Search Engines

Here is my top source code seach engines and I wanna share them with you.

  1. Google Code Search

  2. Krugle
  3. Byte My Code
  4. Dzone Snippets
  5. Code Fetch
  6. Codase
  7. Snipplr
  8. O’reilly Code Search
  9. JSourcery
  10. Merobase

Please share yours with us.
Happy coding. :D


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68 Responses

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  1. yasin says

    Thanks for the search engines.

  2. Eder V. Sosa Hdez. says

    I believe that this top 10 is good, perhaps lack

  3. Abdullah Cetin CAVDAR says

    You are absolutely right. I forgot “koders” somehow. I use it also.
    Thanks for reminding. ;)

  4. paresh says

    thanks for refreshing.

  5. Thomas says

    How do you actually use these search engines? I never found them useful…

  6. sir jorge says

    I use these all the time.

  7. dovetalk says

    I am curious: What exactly do you use code search engines for? Humour me — I just cannot imagine any productive use for it…

  8. martinus says

    Not really code search, but find everything that is open source:

  9. Nix says

    You got great list here ;)
    Thanks for sharing, mate!

    King regards!

  10. it gossips says

    This remind me of planetsourcecode

  11. JithOnline says

    Nice work thanks was searching for source code searcher

  12. Rodney Lewis says

    Thanks so much for this very helpful posting! is definitely going in my blogroll!

    Keep up the good work!

    Rodney Lewis

  13. Aybar Dumlu says

    Oww nice work ;)


  14. Jorge Bucaran says

    Thanks a lot! This is very useful!

  15. Dug says

    Lol, Nice Work…

    It’s good to know more alternatives to make searches…

    Very nice

  16. Anton Perez says

    Very useful and handy list. Bookmarked!

  17. chicago limousine says


  18. ebooks download says

    Krugle is a very good search engine. I found some really useful php code.

  19. Kamal says

    I have never been a fan of code search engines.

  20. Goji Juice says

    Nice and informative article…

  21. Splatzone says

    Cool, only knew about Google Code search!


  22. yougotadui says

    Good stuff here, i use these a lot.

  23. Suraj Shrestha says

    I also prefer for searching codes.
    Its in fact huge collection of codes.

  24. Dreams says

    This is great. Being able to find code snippets or code examples is such a time saver.

  25. Bob Fry says

    Uhh…why does anybody need 10 or 3 or even 2 search sites? At least explain wth these different sites do.

  26. Impala says

    What a great shortcut, thanks Cavdar

  27. SARANG DRAVID says

    I am a basic googler, love the dorks so well. but yeah Snipplr is also a gr8 providance… and one must try it.. :)
    Btw nice article mate.. :)

  28. Programmer says

    Nice one, keep it up

  29. cooge says


  30. Leonardo C. says

    Most of this search engines don’t exist anymore. Among the ones that still work only google and koders are decent. But it’s not your fault, I don’t think that right now there any engine that can closely match those two.. =(

  31. says

    Google Code search is old and needs some updating

  32. Ira Baxter says

    A local search engine, really intended to help you find your way around in *your* world as opposed to the internet, is
    Useful when you have more code than your IDE conveniently supports, typically million line systems.
    Understands langauge syntax, breaks files into langauge-specific tokens (identifiers, strings, numbers, comments, keywords, operators) and indexes all of them. A query
    language allows you find code in your language that matches a pattern. If you have multiple languages, will match identifiers from all of them if you desire.

  33. Karunakar.H.V says

    Nice job!!!…Keep up the work

  34. Tanu says

    How can u use these search engines..
    I dont feel this useful..

  35. Travis says

    Thanks for the info there, definitely useful. Even though I really only use Google, good to have the others onboard too.

  36. purui says

    A code search engine for python
    It understands python and can find method calls that no one else can find, like wx.Dialog.SetSizer.

  37. Link Wheel says

    I am using for my search engine optimization services and I am very happy with their service and the good ranking result for my websites.

  38. EMMR says

    Bookmarked for future searches.
    Thank you

  39. Murthy says

    hello, this is really great work. these sites are very help for developers to find and code. these sites are reduce developers work and save time. the author has to reveal more sites like this i aspire.

  40. Ken Gnazdowsky says

    Check out . Includes a Google Code Search toolbar / add-on for Visual Studio.

  41. CHUN says

    Perhaps is my favourite best Code Search engine.
    Specialy For Delphi Programers,easily find snipets for directly use in projects..


  42. Delphine Stair says

    nice site you got here ill be sure to bookmark it and tell all my friends.

  43. Arild says

    Thank you. I’ve been using google to search code-snippets for a couple of years now. How come that I didn’t now of there beforehand. Super article.

  44. quy says

    Thanks so much !!!

  45. Web Development Blog says

    Google code search is closing its doors on January 15, 2012. Unfortunately, because it uses proprietary search algorithms, Google can’t release any of it, so it will just go away. is taking over search for their projects, and a couple other options were mentioned, including:

  46. Woutercx says

    Hi there, maybe you like the C# and VB.NET Code searcher I have written? It’s on CodeProject:

    It’s more “intelligent” with the sourcecode. For example, you can search for methods or properties with a certain name, or search in the method text, or search for calls to a certain method.

    • Woutercx says

      I have to add that it is only for searching locally, in your own sourcecode, or sourcecode that’s on your hard drive.

  47. sakthivel says

    good working sites

  48. Craig Stadler says

    Good list, I hadn’t heard of some of those. You should also check out

  49. CTO.VN says

    Thanks for this post.. like this.. thanks and thanks

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